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Acrylic and Pastel

Original 33.5"x30" 


“The Climber” depicts a human figure in motion through a combination of curled and outstretched postures, as if climbing into the painting. This angular posture contrasts the natural smooth curves of the human body – accentuated by the sharp right shoulder blade (scapula) which protrudes outside of the canvas. Bursting with kinetic energy, this painting is layered with acrylics and pastels. A true original, this painting cannot be recreated through prints. 


NOTE: The image may appear with a black bar on the righthand side - this is not representative of the actual painting.  

This painting was created with acrylic paintings with pastel layers overlayed on hand-stretched canvas.  The shoulder that protrudes outside of the canvas is made from sturdy cardboard, shaped, and wrapped in canvas before being painted. Because of the unique shape, this painting must be custom framed - I am happy to work with you on this, or to get the framing done myself. The edges are painted but no hanging mechanism is attached to the canvas board. 

Original (33.5 W x 30 H x 1 D in) is available. Due to the unique shape of the painting, prints are not available. 

The Climber

  • Acrylic and Pastel

    Original 33.5"x30" 

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