Original 16" x 20" x .25" Canvas Board

*Professional prints available to order HERE*


"Eternal Springtime" is inspired by Auguste Rodin's sculpture of the same name. It exaggerates the most expressive and emotional characteristics of the sculpture while also celebrating the reflective and metallic nature of bronze, nestled within a shadowed garden. The most compelling part of this piece is its variability - just like Springtime itself. In low light and shadow, only glimmers of the figures are visible, but in direct sunglight it shows off incrediblely vibrant blues, greens, reds and purples. 


This acrylic painting on canvas board was created by overlapping images from the sculpture to create a new form.  Prints of different sizes are available HERE in high quality.

Eternal Springtime

  • Oil

    Original 16"x20"x.25" Canvas Board

    *Professional prints available to order HERE*